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Reddit:  r/JOYTOY 

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JOYTOY Warhammer 40k 1: 18 White Scars

JOYTOY Warhammer 40k 1: 18 White ScarsItem NO.: JOYTOY JT3808+5291+3815

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JOYTOY Warhammer 40k 1: 18 White Scars
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  • Product information:
    1. Model Name: JT 3808, 5291, 3815
    2. Age Range: > 6 years old
    3. Certification: 3C
    4. Material: Plastic
    5. Plastic Type: ABS
    6. Size: ~13.6cm
    7. Contains all the parts in the pictures

    1. With original box well protected, some coloring is artificially old, not a color problem.
    2. If you find some parts missed or damaged, don't worry and just pls contact us and we can resend them to you immediately for free.

Customer Reviews

Really great figure , amazing detail with great articulation and accessories, love the skulls, the fur trim on cloack and the sword with the horse pommel like the original miniature. I absolute recommend this product for the funs of White Scars like me.
10 Days Ago
Great figurine. Painting, mobility and details are, as usual, at the highest level. I recommend!
10 Days Ago
Really great figure and so glad that Joytoy is giving often overlooked or ignored Chapters of the Astartes figures. This Khan is really cool and I hope there are more White Scars coming.
10 Days Ago
When I decided to collect JoyToy W40K Space Marines, it was clear I couldn't afford all figurines. So, I took the decision to have one each . This was the first of the serie and it's very representative of what a Space Marine from the rank, should be.
10 Days Ago
The white armor on this guy pops like crazy on the shelf and really accentuates all of the amazing detail this guy has to offer. The White Scars are one of my most favorite chapters and this guy really delivers. Love his skull on his belt and the variety he brings to my Warhammer collection. So glad I decided to order this guy with his combat bike. I mean the White Scars are linked to their combat bikes.
10 Days Ago
Again, I haven't opened this figure, but even to display as it is, he looks great. A welcome addition to an under-loved chapter (at least so far) by JoyToy. In respect to the order I placed, the figure arrived in perfect order and very quickly. Thanks again CTC!
10 Days Ago
Figura muy completa. El pájaro mejorable.
10 Days Ago
The Captain Kor'sarro Khan figure was amazingly detailed with nice White Scar nuances. Love the skulls, fur trim on cloak and horse sword pommel. For the Khagan!
10 Days Ago
Beautiful model, as described.
Courteous and efficient seller.
Punctual deliveries
10 Days Ago
Another really good figure from JoyToy, these space marine action figure are awesome. Sergeant Tsendbaatar arrived in good conditions and also the box was undamaged. The paintjob is solid and as always well done with good shading. The curved chainsword and the little details make the White Scar Marine awesome and unique.
10 Days Ago
Figure came in undamaged and in good condition. The shading on these guys is great, and the additional skull trophy and curved chain sword does make these Scars stand out from the other base intercessors of the line. Even the additional head sculpt was well done. Overall very happy with the figure and definitely would recommend.
10 Days Ago
Figures came in undamaged and the boxes in good shape. Absolutely beautiful figures as well. The white was shaded very nicely and the additional head sculpts were well done too. Kor’sarro Khan especially is a beautiful addition to the line and worth looking at even if you aren’t a White Scars fan. Overall a great purchase and well worth it if you’re a fan of the Scars
10 Days Ago
I'm in love with the quality of this company's models. Detail, quality, bits and pieces are great.
I started out with and wanted to keep it at just 1 Blood Angel, but now I want 1 of every loyalist founding chapter!
I wholeheartedly recommend the products.
I hope they make Dark Angels, Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard soon!

They've recently also released figures for Infinity: The Game! I really hope they will bring some YuJing WuMing soldiers out, that would be bonkers!
10 Days Ago
Excellent figure, build and paint quality are good (some people seem to expect Eavy Metal quality finishes) poseability is very good as well. Great figure all round, keep up the good work Joytoy.
P.S It's about time we got some Dark Angels like Cypher
10 Days Ago
This is my next most favourite figure. I really love the way it looks. Good poseability and quality.
10 Days Ago
Grabbed all 3 of the White Scars, great to see some more new factions appearing, and these are very well executed. Like other reviewers have mentioned, I had a problem getting the bird to stay in place on the captains forearm, and eventually used a dab of superglue, I also found his cape was causing the backpack to pop-off, so I glued that in place too - I don't 'play' with these really, I tend to get a pose I like and leave stuff on the shelf so a bit of glue doesn't matter to me, and it is the first time I've need to do any mods to this whole line, so not complaining.
10 Days Ago
Great figure

Very cool accessories like the hand that holds 2 skulls. Wonderful articulation and a delight to own. Very recommended
10 Days Ago
Crisp and cool figures.

My newest figures from the line, and they live up to the hype again. Incredible paint job and top tier articulation with very cool accessories. I very highly recommend picking these up for yourself
10 Days Ago
yet another fantastic warhammer 40k figures!
I just love how they all have different cultural back ground!
love all new warped blade and chain saw blades and all the cultural kibbles are beautiful! my only complaint is that putting bird on captain's arm is near impossible and I will probably have to use cement to hold it in place.
as usual one exteremly satisfied fan/customer here!
10 Days Ago
Very cool figure. Really stands out in the collection, great articulation and accessories. The white paint is clean, very few imperfections.